Medium Bowl "Clay"


Turned Poplar Bowl titled "Clay" measuring 10 1/2"(w) x 2"(h). Coloration- Gray & Black mixed to achieve a clay like look. Gloss food-safe lacquer applied as a top coat. Only food-safe finishes are applied to all food contacting areas making this piece a definitive food-safe item. Clay was made with both decorative and functional ends in mind. It makes a great holding vessel for make-up/vanity items, crafting tools/materials, jewelry, and accessorizing items. It can work as a food server for cookies, bread, rolls, biscuits, and pastries. In an entryway/foyer it operates as a catch bowl for keys, wallet, cell-phone, mail, and clutch purse. Also, consider its role as a candy or potpourri dish. Finally, its coloration makes it a stand out table accent or centerpiece.

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