The piece is a turned Poplar platter measuring 11 x 2 ½ and weighing in at 2.5 lbs. Decoration entails a spiralized field encasing a centralized circle. Fractal burnings enhance the spiralized field’s edges and adorn the centered circle. This motif renders the spirit/sensation of a spiralized vortex. The piece’s finish is a matter of 3 layers. A base/sealer coat of shellac upon which multiple, namely 3, coats of tinted blonde shellac were applied and rubbed in as a friction finish. Atop this main layer lies the top coating which is 3 coats of Walnut oil and 2 coats of Beeswax applied and rubbed in as a friction finish. The bottom line is establishing a strong and durable food-safe finish.
This item was designed with a functional and aesthetic rationale in mind. It can function as an effective serving piece for bread, rolls, biscuits, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and the like. It can also work for serving food items like cold cuts, sushi, sandwiches, veggies, and h’ors d’oveures. Mixed drinks/cocktails could also be served utilizing this platter. Note, however, that if this piece is used along the last 2 lines a paper towel or napkin should be used as an underlayment to absorb moisture and/or catch spills produced by these foods or beverages. Also take note that this platter is not designed to serve hot foods or “soupy” items like BBQ, hot pasta, fried foods, or grilled meats.
On another note, this item can be used as an aesthetic item in the sense of a decorative centerpiece atop a dining table, coffee table, sideboard, etc. Its’ physicality and decorative motif provide for a considerable amount of “eye candy” appeal. Thus, when used in display mode one has an eye-catching accent piece drawing attention and commentary.
On a closing note, I can relate that this item can be converted into a Lazy Susan with the addition of a turntable bracket. The cost increase is limited to the actual cost of the bracket. The bracket is both furniture friendly and of sufficient heft for adequate performance and long wear. If interested please inquire as to specifics.

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