Shelly & Keats


A pair of matched ring/drop bowls each measuring 5 ½ x 1 ½ while weighing in at 10 oz. apiece. The utilized wood is Yellow Poplar sporting a grooved inner circle encasing decorative Fractal burnings. The bowls are finished with a base/sealer coat of shellac covered by a colorized clear glaze. The top coating consists of 3 coats of Tung oil over which 2 coats of Beeswax is applied and rubbed in.
Fabricated as a matched pair (his and hers) of ring/drop bowls, they work as catch-alls for the daily bling like rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, tie bars, cuff links, and the like. As such, once positioned/located where best accessible, the daily jewelry is readily at hand to put on and face the world. These bowls could also work as generalized drop bowls for keys, wallet, loose change, car valets, ID badge, watch, etc. Located in foyers, hallways, or on nightstands, vanities, bathroom sink, or shelf they provide a quick and easy location to empty pockets and later quickly retrieve essentials when it’s time to seize the day. Note the sizing is purposeful so as to forcefully limit contents to one’s essentials for grab & go exists.

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