Large Poplar bowl 10 ½ x 4 weighing in at 2.5 lbs. The interior is decorated by spiralized concentric rings with an inner and outer border highlighted by Fractal burning. The outer border provides radiations of Fractal burns moving up the bowl’s sidewalls. The inner border is more subdued with a burning highlighting the circumference of a centered circle. In terms of a finish, it is a three-layered process. It starts with 3 coats of shellac to form a base/sealer coating. Atop this is a Minwax Natural and Golden Oak oil stain (3 coats) to enhance coloration and the interior’s décor. Lastly, the topcoat is Tung oil and Beeswax (3 coats) rubbed in to attain a friction finish. The end result is an all-around sturdy and formidable finish with the interior being one of a food-safe nature.
The design rationale behind my large bowls is both functionality and aesthetic appeal/décor. As regards functionality, the piece is to work as a serving vessel holding bread, rolls, biscuits, or fruit. It can also work for baked items such as small cakes, cookies, and miniature pastries. Lastly, it could work as a salad bowl. If used as such a napkin or paper towel is recommended as an underlayment to absorb moisture or liquids. It is also recommended that heavy amounts of dressing or garnish not be applied to contents while in this piece but left to application in smaller personal salad bowls. If dressing or garnish is applied, again utilize the suggested underlayment techniques, and wipe the bowl out with a moistened napkin when finished serving.
If desired this piece can work as a holding vessel for personal pocket items such as keys, wallets, watches, cells, mail, etc. located in foyers/entryways. Thus, one can have a place to “drop” the daily essentials but quickly retrieve such when it’s time to grab and go. In a similar vein, pieces such as this have been used in bathrooms to hold potpourri, on vanities to hold make-up and dressing items, in kitchens to hold various gadgets, or in crafting areas holding small crafting supplies or tools like yarn, crochet needles, or knitting/sewing materials.
Lastly, it can be a stand-alone “eye candy” furnishing adorning a coffee or dining table, a mantle, a sideboard, or upon a home office desk or credenza. As such it’s providing for more in the way of décor than functionality.

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